HR CONNECT ONLINE is a self-service collaborative portal dedicated to human resources, a unique space to connect employees and all executives at the company to all information, services and applications related to the management of human resources and company's organization.
Completely open and easily integrated to HRM solutions, HR Connect online portal offers to all of your employees, managers and HR managers a complete solution for HR monitoring processes.
HR Connect online allows to manage HR processes by providing access to all members of the company's accounts.

HR Connect online covers the following functional areas:


Individual leave follow up, planning, costs and personal folder keeping, with automatic processing procedures.

HR process Automation

HR Connect online allows to share management tasks with the employees concerned in the company through adhoc process of validation, such as data entry…

Accountability of the collaborators

HR Connect online allows every employee to access to his personnel file, in complete confidentiality.

Each employee may consult or update his data, manage his professional fees, make requests for leave...


HR Connect online has an efficient reporting tool and a powerful access management system in order to define access levels, validation steps and approval processes, and to ensure execution follow-ups.


Managing Job evaluation, training, skills and careers.

Continuous assessments

HR Connect online enables the development of individual career plans and analysis gaps as well as the establishment and consultation of career tracking through following: appointments, job types, internal promotions, tenure, mutations, mobility, appreciation, courses, training, recruitment,...

Training management

HR Connect online allows efficient vocational training follow up and provides easy integration with learning modules of all HRM solutions.

Assign good profiles to the right jobs !

HR Connect online allows the optimization of the human resources of the company and easies the set up of its social reports to analyze HR developments and to bring more effective forecasting jobs and skills management.



Management of thematic areas of information and communication, directory and organizational charts.

Continuous update of the HR info

Through HR Connect online, employees can consult the company's events and news, check their schedules, and timesheet and update their own informations.

Facilitate the flow of information

The thematic areas included in HR Connect online allow circulation of the information and communication by Department (service instructions, notifications,...)

Service-oriented architecture

HR Connect online is totally open and integrated with the current human resources management solutions and allows a total integration and a data update in real-time from the HR Connect portal to back office HRM's solution.